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Author’s note: Early into my research of the 2008 K2 disaster, I realized that I could not fully explain what happened on the mountain without first understanding the complex relationships between the professional native guides and the western climbers who were involved. One Mountain Thousand Summits chronicles my efforts to decipher these complex dynamics and document the terrible event from a variety of perspectives. Although many factors contributed to the tragedy, I believe the single best way to prevent future large-scale accidents on other mountains – especially the crowded 8,000 meter “normal” routes – is through the empowerment of trained, professional Nepali and Pakistani guides.  I wholeheartedly support these two efforts to help both the families of the professional casualties on K2 and further the skills and capabilities of future generations of native Himalayan guides. I encourage readers to get involved. – Freddie Wilkinson

The Gerard McDonnell Memorial Fund / The Mountain Project
Khumbu Climbing Center / Alex Lowe Charitable Trust